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BeA xCMS while is under development still run * :
Web Shadow Analizer show how the big digital company track the web navigation of the user devices...
Existencial Questions? Try the Southern Oracle. Despite His Name, She talk italiano. and this page, like the others totally manged by backend web for provide... Ok. the last development's cronicles of BeA are listed below by the new ReallySimpleReallySimpleSyndacationsReader
* Mean: sometime, in someway, something of this contents can be incomplete or gone to Boobop! Don't worry, she back soon, do it you too :)
CRXM's BeA wCMS Bulletin
BeA SISTEMA03 - TOTORO released
2018/11/10 20:15
FULLDECRIPTOSOLID reversible array - to - encripted xml. Study-Case: while is possible to use number or entities as keys of an array, xml nodes naming is more restrictive. In the other hand, xml accept multiples child nodes with the same name and manage attributes, but array key cant. And no stack-owerflow solution ☺
BeA SISTEMA02 - IMIN released
2018/10/29 12:18
BeA SISTEMA released
2018/10/20 22:16
Testing and Debuging, Twitching and Optimizations on FIX-P
BeA FIX-P OMEGA released
2018/08/04 00:16
Relased production version of BeA.
Web Shadow Analyzer updated
2018/07/11 22:25
Added some descriptions restyling the Web Shadow Analyzer page
RSS Feed support added
2018/06/26 16:43
This is the first Entry in the RSS Feed bea.rss.xml. On also work the Really Simple Really Simple Sindacation Reader
2018/05/09 02:02
New version of BeA, dedicated to Ed Leedskalnin. Finally an debugged PHP-E.
BeA PhpP-E[77/90][141/171] released
2018/04/30 00:00
PhpP mean Php Php Home Processor, is the ricursive acronim for the ricursive acronim PHP Php[Php[Php[...]]]. and E is for EXTENDED.